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竹之内祐幸『鴉』artscape レビュー



CAPA 2015年4月号に写真展のインタビューが掲載される予定です。是非ご覧になって下さい。その他のメディアにも情報が掲載されています。

CAPA 2015年4月号
Price: 720Yen / ASIN: B00T3C6YDS / 学研マーケティング

日本カメラ 2015年4月号
Price: 870Yen / ASIN: B00STR2NF6 / 日本カメラ社

アサヒカメラ 2015年4月号
Price: 980Yen / ASIN: B00TIVBKVA / 朝日新聞出版

読売新聞 2015年3月10日夕刊(読売シティライフ)

写真新世紀 作家情報




ハスラー・アキラ × 竹之内祐幸 トークセッション


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ハスラー・アキラ プロフィール
1969年東京生まれ。京都市立芸術大学大学院絵画研究科修了。1993年よりHIV/AIDSをめぐる様々な活動に入る。2000年より、立体作品や絵画を中心に作品を制作、「Love’s Body 生と性を巡る表現」(2010 / 東京都写真美術館)など国内外の展覧会で作品を発表している。

2015.3.14 (SAT) / 16:00~ / 定員25名 / 参加費500円(当日お支払い下さい)
FAX: 03-3455-8143 / info@pgi.ac / Photo Gallery International

2015/02/19 EXHIBITION

akta monthly paper photo exhibition 福岡

2015.3.5 (THU) – 2015.4.5 (SUN) / CLOSED ON MON,TUE AND WED / 18:00-22:00 / community center haco

2015/02/07 ART : EXHIBITION

竹之内祐幸 写真展『鴉』@Photo Gallery International



鴉 竹之内祐幸




Crow Hiroyuki Takenouchi

When I was a small child, I had a field day at my pre-school. The teacher told us to decorate the entrance gate by ourselves, with lots of colorful bird drawings. We needed to come up with ideas for colors. The other kids started suggesting “Red” or “Blue”, and I said “Black”. Immediately, the teacher said “No” to my suggestion. I was very surprised with his answer. In my heart I argued with him about using the color black, but in the end he wouldn’t allow me to use it.

“Black is the color of the crow, and the crow is scary. We should not draw it on our entrance gate.”

I was very angry with his answer because I felt like I, myself, am like the crow and the color black. This truly upset me. The color black always makes me think of the black crayon in the crayon box: always the last one used and, like the crow, most scared of by people for no reason. I don’t remember if I drew the crow on the gate or not, that day.

One day, in 2013, I was in Yoyogi-park, Shibuya, Tokyo. That day, this memory was still distant as was my sympathy with the Crow.

I came upon a crow who was sunbathing with unfolded wings. It was a holiday, so there were many people; even so, he didn’t care much about how crowded it was. He got my attention and I started to photograph him with my camera. The people’s perception of the crow being “Scary” or “Hated” was their own.He looked very happy, obviously not caring about what people thought about him. Taking photos of this crow gave me joy. The Yoyogi-park was close to my house at that time, and I found out that the park was known to be one of the biggest natural habitats for crows, in Tokyo. Once I discovered this, I haunted the park taking photos of them ever since that moment.

According to my research, crows have very good eye sight. They can see not only the full spectrum of light, but also ultraviolet rays. In other words, I felt crows, between each other, recognized themselves as many colors and not just black.

“Black is scary.”, “The crow is an unlucky symbol”. Those perceptions just come from humans.
The crow taught me that we should not be so one-sided in our thinking. Therefore, once you have another perspective, the world landscape totally changes.
This experience helped me understand that I was not wrong in my childhood. This affirmation proved to me that the things I saw in myself then were not scary at all. I felt like I had found the missing piece of the puzzle.

オープニングレセプション 2015年3月6日(金)18:00~

2015.3.4 (WED) ~ 2015.4.28 (TUE) / CLOSED ON SUN & NATIONAL HOLIDAY / 11:00~19:00
〒108-0023 東京都港区芝浦 4-12-32 / Photo Gallery International

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